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Background of the Organization

Vision and Mission






Background of the Organization:
AKADEMIKA Center for Public Policy Analysis, or in short: Akademika Center, is a research institute establish in 1996. The Center was set up as a response to some young researchers’ concerns that researches are more often used to justify rather than serves as basis to policy making process. As a result, researchers are frequently misled to serve short-term objective to keep their existence rather than foreseeing a more important longer-term goal which is to raise the significance of research contribution to decision making process.
It is also important to realize that short-term goal of research should go hand-in-hand with its long-term objectives. Research would should be able to prevail without sacrifying its integrity. Akademika Center is established to answer to the challenge. In addition to that, Akademika Center aims to endorse business entrepreneurship, which seems to be lacking in Indonesia.



Vision and Mission
Akademika Center started out from a vision shared by its founding partners to identify Akademika Center as an institution which participates in building integrity of research discipline by upholding academic truthfulness as its main principal. At the same time, the mission is taking part in contributing independent reviews to policy makers, economic agents, and other institution which are in need and also the society as a whole by conducting series of academic activities.






Akademika Center is administered under Yayasan Akademika which has been formally established by Notary Act Sri Lelawaty in Bekasi on August 2000. 
NPWP : 2.016.494.3-407
Bank : Bank BNI Cabang UI Depok
Account : 000 669 7764 (Account name : Yayasan Akademika)





Address :
Perumahan Permata Kemang A2 No. 13
Rawalumbu, Bekasi, West Java, Indonesia
Phone/Fax: (62-21) 8241 3334

Email : akademika@dnet.net.id

Contact Person :
Edy Priyono
Lesti Primandari


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