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Scope Of Works
There are three core activities at Akademika Center i.e research, training and consulting. The center focuses on secio-economic issues in broader framework, or other issues with socio-economic approach.







Current Activities 


Time             : November 2011 - Current

Partner                : CSIS

Title               : Mid-Term Review on ASEAN Economic Community

Description     : The study aims at reviewing business players' perception on business related government bureaucracy services. The study is focused on some areas namely: (1) Promotion and incentive for investment, (2) Service sector, (3) Custom services and (4) Intelectual Property Right. The same study is conducted in all ASEAN member countries.

Time              : October 2011 - Current

Partner                 : Water and Sanitation Program (WSP), The World Bank, Jakarta Office 

Title               : GLobal Study on Domestic Private Sector Participation in Sanitation Development

Description     : The specifif objective of the study is investigating supports and contraints faced by private sector to serve poor households with sanitation goods and services. Also, the study is looking at business model appropriate for that purpose. Beside in Indonesia, the study is conducted in some other countries namely Cambodia, Bangladesh, Tanzania, Kenya and Peru.  





“Attitude Scholarship” is a type of charity program developed by Akdemika Foundation to help students come from poor family and have good attitude. In general, the objective is to avoid them to use their poor economic status as a reason to do “bad things”. 

For 2002/2003 academic year the scholarsip packages were delivered to elementary school students as well as junior secondary students. For 2003/2004 academic year Akademika Foundation decided to deliver it to junior secondary only. Some studies indicated that drop out at elementary level is not caused by non-economic factors. 

For 2003/2004, scholarship package is Rp 300,000,- rupiahs per receiving students, expected to be used to cover tuition fee, books and examination cost (if any). The priority is for 2-nd and 3-rd level students.